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Marco Real It was towards the end of eighties when Antonio Catalán, together with a group of friends and collaborators of his hotel chain, decided to create a winery to supply his hotels with their own, guaranteed quality wines.

The site chosen for the winery was Navarre, there being two main reasons for this: firstly because it was “birthplace” of the NH hotel chain, owned by the founder of Bodegas Marco Real, and secondly because this region has the best quality vineyards.

From the very start the emphasis was placed on ample, modern facilities, equipped with all the latest technological advances for making and controlling wines.

The capacity of these facilities for making and storing wine was so large that new partners were soon sought to further the commercial expansion of Bodegas Marco Real.

It was at this point that Juan Ignacio Belasco, the owner of Destilerías La Navarra, became a shareholder in the winery and started to activate sales and to channel Marco Real wines to the main national and international markets.



Our current grape varieties are:

-Red: Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Garnacha and Graciano.

-White: Viura, Chardonnay and small-berried Muscat.


The grapes we make our wines with are sourced from collaborating vineyards and from 200 hectares of our own vineyards. All of the vineyards, approximately 300 hectares, are supervised and controlled by our technical team and are harvested when the grapes are at their optimum peak of maturity to obtain high quality wines.

The average annual harvest is approximately 2,000,000 kg of which 90% are red grapes and 10% white.




Bodegas Marco Real boasts modern facilities with an optimum layout and the very best means available for making young reds, rosés and whites as well as crianza and reserve wines.

For winemaking and storage we have stainless steel tanks with temperature control via a circuit that allows us to adjust the temperature of each of the tanks inside the winery.

Currently total tank capacity is 4,200,000 litres distributed between two buildings. This allows us to carry out the whole wine making process in one and a half rotations, enabling long macerations for the wines to be set aside for crianza and reserves and shorter macerations for the young wines.



To age our wines we have a 4,300 Bordeaux barrels, of which 60% are American oak and 40% French oak and most of them are from the best barrel makers: Seguin Moreau, Demptos, Sylvain, Nadalie, Berthomieu and Vicard.
We keep the barrels for a maximum of 6 years, renewing part of the stock each year so that the numbers are always maintained.



The bottling line is in an isolated zone to avoid any possibility of the production being contaminated by external agents.
The bottling line is equipped with machinery supplied by the industry’s leading companies: Grupo Sidel, Camex, Robino-Galandrino, Kronex, Cermex and Ocme.
The whole line is synchronized by means of a computer system and it can reach an output of 8,000 bottles/hour. Modern laboratory facilities are located right next to the line and are totally equipped to control the quality and evolution of bottle lots.

Bottle Cellar

Bottle Cellar

Bodegas Marco Real features a temperature and humidity-controlled cellar with a capacity for 800,000 bottles where our crianza and reserve wines repose in optimal conditions until the maturing process that each particular wine requires is complete.
We also have a temperature-controlled warehouse where the finished products are kept in  the best conditions before they are dispatched.


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Ctra. Pamplona - Zaragoza, km 38.
31390 Olite. Navarra
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